Sophia’s heart beats for one thing and one thing only, music. Nothing can stand in her way to make her musical dream happen. She will sing the highest notes and just as easily rock your stage like Alanis Morisette. Her range combined with a spoonful of Sonja will make every performance thrilling and not least… a party.

Sophia’s encouraging piano playing in combination with her very soulful and versatile voice is what gives her performance that something special.  Her repertoire contains the most popular songs from the 60’s till the charts of today.  She has a love for rock and soul music. With all the right songs and her unique way of interacting with any audience, you can be assured of an exciting night.

Just a few examples where you’ve might have spotted this rockchick are: Carnival Cruise Lines, Crazy Piano’s (The Netherlands), Swing (The Netherlands) and several other venues and countries.

Where will you see her next?



Written by: Thalassa de Waal

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